Reimagining Recovery

A Revolutionary Tool to Support All Those 
Facing Addiction… One Film at a Time.

The problem isn't Using substances...

It's Why we use substances.

And this isn't Unique to the struggle of addiction.

We have ALL felt...

lonely, ashamed, & hopeless.
unworthy, embarrassed, & disconnected.
that we're not good enough.
worthless, lost, & broken.
that we don't belong.
trapped & misunderstood.

What if...

we turned immersive entertainment

into our greatest tool

for healing and growth?

Welcome to Of Substance.

Where premium short films become powerful tools of transformation;

A growing collection of films to make us feel

accepted, stronger, hopeful,

and understood!

Woman sitting on a sofa

Overcoming Blame, Shame, & Stigma...

Through a tool that we already love, enjoy, & engage with on a daily basis.

People holding a camera

Using Movie Magic to Heal...

Experience a reset, healing, and instant connection through premium rom-coms, thrillers, & more.

A man holding a camera

With a Wide Variety of Uses...

Interpersonal Communication, Professional Therapy, Personal Support, General Education

Films & Trailers

Grab your popcorn and dive in immediately!

What our audiences say

Having polled several audiences of people with and without substance abuse issues,
as well as in-patient communities at substance abuse treatment centers,
we’ve found that…

Check out endorsements and testimonials while learning more about our partners, awards, and impact!

Where the money goes...

All donations made go directly to furthering our mission!

Each dollar of our funding goes toward: 

I: Developing programs and curriculums for treatment and education.

II: Producing additional films and telling stories from more perspectives.

III: Community engagement, tools and events.

Help us grow

As a Nonprofit, we rely on your support to make more films, share them, screen them, grow our reach and build the strongest community we can.

Your contributions help us transform people’s lives.

Join us

Get involved and take action; Connect with others, attend events, film with us, volunteer, join our team, share your story, spread the word…

There’s so much
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Not just for those who struggle...

We tell stories from both sides, from those addicted and those who love them. We have films for you to identify with as a person affect by addiction – to help you feel less alone, while also sharing with those addicted in your life, giving them insight into how their struggle affects you! 
Help us transform people’s lives.


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of patients feel these films could encourage people with addiction to ask for help.
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of patients believe these films will increase empathy & understanding toward struggling addicts.
0 %
of patients would use Of Substance films in their recovery tool belt.

Remote Events Coming Soon...

We’re working with a team to bring screenings, events, and more opportunities for you to connect and attend directly from home.

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